The day is coming soon, but not soon enough. After nearly eight long years, this conservative, pro-Israel Republican finally feels the joy of Jan. 20, 2017 coming. That is the day we can finally call Pres. Obama, Former Pres. Obama. Music to my ears. The Obama presidency has been like a non-stop skin rash. You could put cream on it, but its scratching, itching character never went away. In high school, we called it crotch rot. Sorry for being crude, but that is exactly what his presidency has been.

 We conservatives believe in a strong, vibrant America, an America that is a force for good in the world. Pres. Obama seemed to believe that America is evil. We believe that America is a force of freedom and democracy, a force that has liberated billions out of tyranny... a righteous nation that defends its friends and eagle eyes its enemies.  

  I often tell my West Orange NJ Republican Club, that not watching elected officials will lead to more trouble than not watching a teen age party in your house. Government runs amok. Elected leaders become impressed with themselves. They need oversight.

The supporters of Pres. Obama were unwilling to watchdog their president.  While Obama was president, they treated Obama not as an elected president, but as the Golden Calf. Not as a man, but as a deity.  They bowed down in prayer and in reverence. We may question God, but we may not question Obama.  Allow thousands of eagles to be killed by windmills? Not a peep. Deport more than 2.5 million illegal aliens? Never a word of protest. Kill civilians in Syrian and Iraqi hospitals? Only a yawn.
Had Barack Obama gone to the Arctic region and clubbed baby seals, his supporters still would be silent.

But we Republicans, we who are responsible for electing a President, a House of Representatives, a Senate, we cannot fall asleep on the job. It is up to us to stay awake, watch what our leaders are doing, to speak out, and keep them, and our country, on the right path. Most likely I will enjoy the Trump presidency, but I won't be silent.

The Democrats want to deify their officeholders? That is their business. 

We Republicans will not lay down and sleep for the next four years. We will be wide awake and vocal. Why? Because "That Is Who We Are." 
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