Raul Wallenberg is dead. The Swedish government finally declared him dead.  Single-handedly, Raul Wallenberg saved over 100,000 Jews in Hungary. The number was approximately half of the remaining Hungarian Jewish population. In a war where six million Jews were slaughtered, one man saved 100,000.
His act raises many questions. Why was Wallenberg murdered? Why was nobody interested in finding him? Why were no other nation or people preoccupied in saving the Jews? Why was it the allies had munitions and materiel to fight for six years, yet they did not have one bomb for the railroads leading to hell? They did not have one bomb for the gas chambers of hell. Why was it commando teams could rescue valuable artworks stolen from the Jews and yet none could save the Jews?

the Second World War, nearly every nation invaded by Germany either actively or passively cooperated in rounding up Jews and slaughtering Jews. In almost every country, there were ad hoc, unorganized, Righteous Gentiles who saved Jews. There were far more who willingly aided in the slaughter. The German nation, while fighting a war which it was destined to lose, spared no effort in the nationalized and industrialized slaughter of European Jewry. The industry became the first supranational industry. It had no borders; it did have a common goal and synchronization. The horrific logistics and execution became unique benchmarks of a then unprecedented organizational efficiency. And no one did a thing.
 Apart from Raul Wallenberg. And in recognition of his efforts, he was thrown in prison, forgotten and left to die.

judges events. Today’s history has decided no-one slaughtered Jews -it was a crime against humanity. I question this. Was there a crime against humanity? No there was not. There was a crime committed by humanity against the Jews. Humanity, at that time and repeatedly so ever after, committed crimes of atrocity. There was no humanity, there was barbarism, there was rampant anti-Semitism, there was cynicism, and there was no retribution. There was no humanity.

Wallenberg is dead. The essential goodness that was Raul Wallenberg is dead. The Jewish nation, when under attack and defending itself is accused of crimes against humanity. In Bosnia and Croatia, in Africa, we see repeatedly atrocities, which match the Germans ferocity if they cannot match their efficiency. We see, in the Middle East, Shi’a systematically slaughter the Sunna, aided and abetted by a gung-ho militant Russia and the rampant bloodthirsty Iran. The Sunna, nevertheless, whenever they have the opportunity, slaughter the minorities that come to hand. The Turks stand and watch, awaiting the opportunity to slaughter the Kurds. And so, it goes on.

some respects, Raul Wallenberg reminds of the behavior purported to be that of Jesus Christ. A man ascribed with superhuman goodness, a man with no thought for himself or the consequences of his acts. Wallenberg was a man of saintly stature who unreservedly loved his fellowman. A man who wanted to make the world a better place and was ready to pay, and indeed did pay, with his life.
With this in mind, I will continue with my religious comparison. While being a completely irreligious Jew, I do believe in a higher being; I don’t think we are here by chance. Nor do I think something scripts and preordains our every move. We have some control over our destiny, yet it is within the confines of fate over which we have no command. I do not believe the Holocaust was without meaning, significance or consequence. I do believe that the Jews are a litmus for the whole of humanity. There are those who call us ‘the canaries in the mine shaft.

is obvious that humanity has learned nothing from the Holocaust and is gamely going on its merry way. Humanity’s behavior has not changed. The challenges of population growth, mass migration, poverty and climate changes lay ahead. Each of which, in the past, led to wars. The last climate change gave rise to the fearsome seven-year war. Events are imminent, which will test humanity sorely. Events that will cause ever increasing frictions, spiraling intolerance and overwhelming  belligerence. We know the result.
Wallenberg was a role model, a needed role model; he was ignored, imprisoned for years and killed. With him died the seeds of any hope. Humanity committed the most heinous and the evil of crimes. Humanity has proven itself to be an indiscriminate, vicious, recidivistic, unrepentant, hypocritical, mass murderer. When the approaching hour inevitably arrives, we know what to expect. An apocalypse awaits us.
There is but one ray of hope and consolation.  Finally, we Jews have our nation state. As always, we stand alone; now, in our state, we are, ultimately and only, responsible to ourselves and for ourselves. As an experienced and a tested people, we are prepared, armed and ready.  The Canaries have flown the sulfurous shafts.  
help us all.

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