What if we all cared more about the elections going on around the world? What if we were all more aware of the dates and details of each world democracy's elections? What if we saw the connections among our countries without selfish motives, backgrounds, and perspectives? It's with this in mind that I pray for the upcoming Knesset elections in Israel.

I pray for humility for each person who casts a vote.
I pray for wisdom to know the difference between good and best choices.
I pray for an acceptance of the right timing of decisions and leadership.
I pray for the willingness of each leader, whether formal or informal, to use his or her influence for good.
I pray for discernment in when and how to confront and when to wait or accept.
I pray for peace among turmoil.
I pray for the strength to fight with courage and purpose.
I pray for freedom that is firmly rooted, not waved as a flag for attention or justification of personal preference.
I pray for fear of the line in the sand that should not be crossed.
I pray for open dialogue, inquisitive questions, and constructive conversation.
I pray for a yearning for upholding democracy instead of abusing it or tearing it down.
I pray for submission to be a quality and behavior that honors, not cowers.
I pray for people to know what they stand for, not just what they stand against.
I pray for the rooting out of selfishness.
I pray for eyes and hearts to be open in life-changing ways.
I pray for each vote to count, because each life matters.
I pray for obedience.
I pray for passion.
I pray for faith.
I pray.

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