The present French government is organizing a conference to be attended by representatives from seventy nations. What is the urgent issue to be discussed? Is it the on-going bloodletting and war crimes in Syria? An end to the occupation of Tibet by China? Northern Cyprus by Turkey? The Crimea and other issues of contention between Russia and its neighbors? World poverty? World disease? Illiteracy? The threat of terror in general and Islamic terror specifically? The drug trade? White slavery trade?

Apparently not, because seemingly the representatives don't really care about real people.

The Kurds who have no independent state, the West Papuans whose homeland is occupied by Indonesia, the Catalonians, Basques and countless other peoples, distinct real peoples with real history and a real culture who have no independent state won't be discussed. But another group that never existed as a unique people with a distinct culture, language or religion, but are rather a part of the Arab world; a people who never had a body politic or a state, who have no history, in short a people invented for the express propaganda purpose of stalking and attacking the only Jewish state – they are going to be discussed.

Because the representatives don't really care about real people.

Is the purpose to bring peace and succor to the alleged victims? Nonsense! If the seventy nations wanted to alleviate suffering they would close UNRWA, close the "refugee" camps that have had the longest existence in history, and resettle the people, either where they are now or in any one of the countries attending.

But they don't really care about real people!

And what do the Arabs of the Land of Israel want: do they want another failed state like Syria, Yemen, Iraq, Lebanon or the Sudan? Do my neighbors down the hill want to be like Gaza, to live under a corrupt government that does almost nothing for its people, wrapped up instead in a warped, genocidal ideology seeking to kill Jews everywhere in the world; a stifling government that prevents Gaza from starting on the road to becoming a new Singapore? Do they enjoy being under the thumb of a despotic, kleptocratic government, run by a terror organization, that inculcates hatred of the Jewish state from the age of nursery school and turns their youth into a current version of Hitler Youth?

The seventy nations' representatives apparently don't care, because neither Israel nor the Arabs of the Land of Israel are being asked.

After tackling global warming, disease, poverty, hunger and all the over one hundred conflicts in the world – they have leftover time to deal with the Jewish state.

Because they apparently do care about the Jewish renaissance and state: how to harass it, try to burden it with restrictions, make it smaller and weaker, support the lies of the enemies of truth that deny our existence, our history, our religion and deny Jewish rights in our homeland. With apathy towards morality and disdain for the truth, the conference next week will try to distort international law against the only Jewish state in the world.

This number – seventy nations – echoes the traditional number of the nations of the world, besides the Jewish nation; the number stated by the Sages of the Talmud two thousand years ago. It represents the nations to whom we, the Jewish people, wish to bring a blessing of morality, truth, law and justice, as well as kindness and mercy. Jewish nationalism has always been with an eye to all humanity, with no wish to seize a grain of land that isn't ours, just to hold on to and develop what is ours by right, by history, by morality, by justice and by the Bible. We have a mighty wish to do good for all.

The representatives of the seventy nations meeting next week can redeem themselves by representing in truth all that is really good in humanity. They can call on the Arab world to embrace their cousins, the Jews, who have returned home after a long, cruel exile in Christian and in Muslim countries. They can call on the Arabic-Muslim world to have tolerance for others, to fix their own countries, to extend a hand to us so that together we can turn the Middle East into a Garden of Eden.

If you will it – it is no legend!
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