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I was recently invited to be a Featured Contributor on a business website, BIZCATALYST360 that owns a number LinkedIn Groups. Collectively, they have over 60,000 members across 136 countries. Their global reach is over one million professionals monthly. Based the quality and stature of their members, I was obviously flattered to have been invited to join their group of Featured Contributors.

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My most recent article for them addressed something that I thought might interest you...

It was a question an English client asked me in 1979. This was shortly after I had arrived in Los Angeles. Over the years, I've told many others about the question and my answer. And I can now tell you that, over the years, without exception, the reaction to my answer has always been the same. To this day, people would look at me knowingly and say that I was absolutely right back then – and that the answer applies equally today.

As I was deciding what I would write about in this blog, I wondered if people in Israel would agree with me that my answer with respect to Los Angeles might apply equally to Israel now too?

Here's the question–and my short-form answer...

The question I was asked was actually quite elegant in its simplicity. It was actually an old ethics question in that it touched on truthfulness. My English client asked me this:
What's the biggest difference between doing business in Los Angeles compared to where we've done business together before–London, Paris, Hong Kong, Zurich or Macau? 

My short answer was this:
Its about "communication," "ethics," and fairy tales."

My longer answer... 

You can read my longer answer in the article I wrote for BIZCATALYST360. It was called: "An Irreverent Answer To An Old Ethics Question." I hope you'll enjoy this.

Finally, my question...

Because I've never visited Israel, I wondered if there are there any similarities between my view of doing business in Los Angeles with what its actually like doing business in Israel? Pray tell!   :-)


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