They are telling you that we, the Jews of Israel, have no rights.
They delegitimize us. They demonize us. They kill us. Just like then.

Didn''t they say, then, that we had no rights? No right to exist? Not so long ago.
I recall that the Jews of America bickered and stayed with their President then.
As they do today.
Don''t make waves. Don''t save the Jews. Don''t speak out for them.  Leave them to their fate. They said then.
Until it was too late.

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To us, the Jews of Israel, it seems that many Jews of America share the same misguided tradition of those tragic days.
Don''t make waves. Don''t save the Jews. Don''t speak out for them. Leave them to their fate. They say now.
Until it will be too late.

Then, we didn''t expect the goyim to speak up for us, to stand by our side. But you, the Jews. Why do you stand with our enemy today? Why do you stand with those who vow to kill us for being Jews, here, in our ancestral land?
Shame on you then. Shame on you today.

Let me tell you the story of a Holocaust survivor. He told me of Jews that spat on their rabbi, because their enemy told them to do it. Tell me, why are you spitting on your people now, because our enemy tells you to do it?

Then, they plotted the Final Solution of the Jewish People.
Today, on Holocaust Day, in the name of those who could not speak, do not stand with those who are plotting the Final Solution of the Jewish People, in
You were silent then. Do not be silent now.

Today, especially today, spare a precious moment to reflect and say "Am Israel Chai! The People of Israel must live!"

You failed us then. Do not fail us today. Stand with us. Not against us. And keep us safe from harm.

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