Undo The Ill's!


As we see a changing of the guard in the US as well as in Europe, there is a great opportunity for Israel to put many of its issues to rest. It is only Israel's call and Israel's alone to put all these ills behind them and get on with its life.


It must eliminate the Iranian nuclear threat. It is Israel's greatest threat. The US sponsored “Nuclear Deal”, not only puts Israel's 8.6 million people at risk of annihilation, but also Saudi Arabia and Iraq as well. This deal has permitted Iran to continue its goal to advance its program in obtaining weapons of mass destruction. The monies released by the US and the EU to Iran paved the way for a greater terrorist presents in Syria, Lebanon and Gaza. As our position and world standing grows we can make demands on the international community to stop Iran's nuclear ambitions. Their assists must again be frozen, sanctions must be put back in place and real inspections must review Iran's nuclear facilities. Today, Israel is in the position that can apply the kind of devices to make this happen.


Israel must see to it, not only the US move its “Embassy” to Jerusalem, but others move theirs as well. They will move after the US moves, because it is only a US initiative that keeps other embassies away from being located in Jerusalem. This is important, it is not symbolic, moving the embassy's to Jerusalem, recognizes and defines Israel's borders as per UN Charter and the 1923 Anglo American Treaty. If the international community cannot uphold and honor these treaties that define Israel's sovereignty and borders, then no treaty that world leaders are seeking for Israel to sign is worth anything.


Israel must stop international and Palestinian incitement against itself. This incitement gives terror organizations legitimacy to attack and kill Jews, not only in Israel, but throughout the world. The international community has to stop giving advice to Israel's leaders and its peace partners. It is not helpful, not productive and not needed. Israel can talk to any world, Palestinian and terrorist leader directly without international intervention. Israel has a far greater ability to handle it's own issues, then any world leader. It understands the issues, the problems and knows what it will take to achieve a real and ever lasting “Peace”.


Israel must remove any and all attempt to isolate itself from the international community. It is far from isolated today, but its adversaries will continue in their efforts to do so. Israel has to keep world leaders from black listing Israeli firms and institutions, excluding it from international forums, symposiums, discussions, deliberations, assemblies, committees, conferences and meetings. There was no reason to keep Israel out of the Iranian nuclear talks, and the talks on the civil war in Syria, as well as holding secret meeting without it on the future of its own sovereignty, borders and fate, for example. It is none of their business and such practices are hostile, detrimental, annihilate and do not serve Israel's or theirs best interests.


Israel must not allow others to influence its elections or try to bring down its government. We just witnessed how upset the US Democratic party is, thinking that the Russians had a role in getting Donald Trump elected US president. For the past eight years Obama has used his influence and financial resources to take down Israel's present government. He is not the first, George HW Bush, tried to keep Yitzhak Shamir from staying in office and Bill Clinton helped Yitzhak Rabin become prime minister.


Israel must stop all private institutions and governments from funding terror organizations against it. Obama is not the first presidents to fund terror, before him US presidents funded terror groups as a tool to pressure Israel to accept US demands. During the 1973 Yom Kippur war, Henry Kissinger, purposely allowed the Egyptians and Syrians win enough, to make them seemingly feel victorious, before he would release military aid to Israel.


Israel cannot continue to be a nation without borders. The 1949 Geneva Convention, protects Jews in Judea and Shamron from being moved or transferred. It is not occupied territory under “International Law”, as per 1945 UN Charter, 1923 American Anglo Treaty, 1922 Partition, 1920 Mandate, 1917 Balfour document, clearly defines Judea and Shamron as being part of Israel. the Arabs are the occupiers, the Jews are indigenous to the land.


These issues cannot be disputed forever. Israel can put all these issues to rest on its own and without anybody's help. The new elected heads of state in the US as well as in Europe give Israel the chance to change the “Status Quo”. Only after all this is said and done, can Israel address the Palestinian issue, and get on with its life. So take this occasion and do just that!

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