We are “Damned” to the Damnist, Damn, and we cannot be any more Damned then we are now, so put this issue to rest, and lets get on with our lives!

There is only one response to what has happened in Tel Aviv, apply Israeli law throughout Judea, Samaria, Golan and the PA, remove Abbas and the PLO from the PA, remove all the devices of incitement, that includes, peace talks with the US, EU & UN. Enforce laws against incitement, violence and murder, deport all those that are not citizens of Israel and are not here on a valid visa. This cannot go on forever. We cannot depend on others to resolve these attacks and bring us peace. You see what is going on in Europe and the US, they cannot do anything for us, they are not helpful. And when it comes to situations such as this, we do a better job than they, so they are not needed. Europe is burning and there is no leadership in the US or the EU that is qualified to help us. We owe it to all the victims of Oslo and concessions. Lets end the incitement, violence and murders.

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