Everyone who does not understand national sovereignty is up in arms about Trump’s going ahead to seal the United States’ border with Mexico.

People are concerned that Trump is working to put a wedge between the two countries. That is not the case at all.

Building a wall between Mexico and USA is not an unfriendly gesture.

US Mexico border line

 Building the USA Mexico border

Every sovereign country has the right and obligation to its citizens, which USA did not exercise with Mexico, for unknown reason, for way too long, to have a sealed border in order to protect itself/its citizenry from any unwelcome infiltration, as US citizens have been experiencing, coming, non-stop, from the Mexico border side, mind you NOT Canada!

There is nothing positive for a country to have people living on its land who did not enter its borders legally, have been vetted properly, and were approved to enter and settle on the land. What we see is that they do not integrate, as many Mexicans [and other nationals] have not, they have special needs, a burden on the tax payer,  many do not even try speak the common language, English! In fact many brought the country they left behind to the USA.

I do not see any good reason for any country to have a need to tolerate people who stay in it illegally; it is not safe, it is not good, it is not wise.

Then I read that my Jewish readers’ alarm went off when Israel Prime minister Netanyahu twitted, in reply to Trump’s twit, supporting the US president in his sealing the border with Mexico policy.

USA, as all countries, even Israel, has immigration laws on the books which, for unknown reasons, many previous US presidents, going back 30 years, simply ignored, and thus the 11 million illegals who are squatters in the land. This is madness. USA is the most welcoming country to immigrants on earth and its immigration laws are very fair but they must be followed and obeyed. In an era of global terrorism, Trump will bring an end to this phenomenon and install order in which citizens will be safer.

For years I wondered why this entering USA illegally and staying without permission phenomenon occurs in USA and does not exist in any other country in the world, including Mexico that has tough immigration laws on the books. Why will anyone allow a stranger to set up a tent in his living room?

My advice to all, relax. Let Trump do his job, the work he has promised to do, upon his supporters’ request, who voted him in.

Mexico and the US will be just fine together after the wall has been built. Eventually the wall will be the best thing that happens to Mexico, protecting it from the waves of un-vetted people who come through the land to cross the border into the USA.

As for all the trepidation I hear and read about Prime Minister Netanyahu's quick jump on the band wagon of Trump’s Mexico border trajectory: "Netanyahu backs Trump's Mexico wall, touts similar one on Egypt border as 'great idea,'” this is not being unfriendly to Mexico. It is an idea that worked very well in Israel that totally STOPPED the infiltration of the infiltrators from Africa, who entered Israel illegally through an open border with Egypt. Now that border is sealed with a fence and have totally stopped the infiltration of people who were not invited, who entered the country illegally and have caused and are still causing much trouble to Israeli society. This infiltration was totally stopped once the border fence was erected.

 Israel s
eparation wall-taken on my  way to Jerusalem on January 23, 2017

And there are further worries that PM Netanyahu supporting the USA border with Mexico closure will harm the Jews living in Mexico.

Minority communities often have to say pro forma, what they need to say in order to keep feeling safe in their host country, where they do not feel totally safe. The fact is and history attests to it, no Jewish community can ever feel for ever safe in a host country, anywhere in the world. Israel’s Prime Minister Netanyahu had the opportunity to make Trump feel that he supports him, and to also reclaim and justify the rightness of his own separation wall built to protect the people of Israel from the neighboring hostile Arab communities. Thus wall has been greatly maligned by the world at large, yet saved and is saving ample Jewish life.

My position, as a citizen of the USA since 1987, this was a USA election, not Mexico! I chose and voted for the candidate who I felt was going to represent the people of the USA the best. That does not exclude me from caring for the Mexican people, but for me the USA comes first. I voted for Trump since I truly believe that he will do the best for the USA. I believe the people’s display of negative reaction and anger is creating more damage than if they acknowledged all the good Trump has done already since he took the Presidential office and what he still has in-store to do for our country and its future.

I must admit that the position the US Jewish community has taken against Trump is worrisome. Trump has to keep the United States safe, as Netanyahu, the Prime Minister of Israel, must keep Israel safe. Israel is what keeps Jews safe anywhere in the world. Strong and secure United States will keep the world safer. Nowadays there is enough Antisemitism and bigotry in the world, which Obama, with his poor polity, boosted, to require of us all to stand stronger for one another.

My suggestion, calm down, inhale the new era upon us, let President Trump to do his job and criticize him only when criticism is due, not over any positive actions he has taken, and the border wall with Mexico is one hell of a positive action that will keep America safer.

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