CNN reports that the comedian Jerry Seinfeld’s kids were selling lemonade at a lemonade stand in East Hampton Village, New York to make money for a charity.  A neighbor didn’t like it, called the police, and the police shut it down.


There’s really something wrong with you if kids selling lemonade at a lemonade stand bothers you.

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There’s really something wrong with the community if kids selling lemonade at a lemonade stand is considered an illegal activity.

For those of you who think that the neighbor and the community who created a law against lemonade stands may have a point—perhaps you imagine getting permits, health inspections and the like is a good idea—then there’s something wrong with you, too.

There’s a word for people who think it’s bad for kids to sell lemonade, and for people who think all activity needs permits and inspections “for the good of the community” and to “protect people.”

That word is fascist.

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