Aside from having everyone stare at me while I talk for about twenty-four minutes every Sunday morning, being the substitute pastor of my church has otherwise had little effect on me that I can tell.  Oh, sure, I spend twenty or so hours a week getting ready to talk for those twenty-four minutes (actually it’s between 23 and 26 minutes; my wife videotapes the sermon and so she knows). And some of that time is spent in extra prayer and reading that I otherwise might not have done.  But otherwise, nothing has changed. No one calls me on the telephone any more frequently than they did before; no one asks me more questions about the Bible than what they did before. 

All in all, it has not been an unpleasant experience, though admittedly the idea that I would regularly stand in front of a bunch of people and talk at them is really odd given my introverted status and given how reluctant I was growing up to give speeches.  My speech classes in high school and college were not my favorites by a long shot.

I’ve read that most people fear public speaking more than they fear death.  So does that mean if I come down with a terminal illness I’ll be okay with it now, since I’ve grown pretty comfortable speaking in front of people week after week? 

I suspect what I've read is probably not really true.

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