Berkeley delays vote on calling Wikileaker a hero

December 15, 2010 11:05

BERKELEY, California — The Berkeley City Council indefinitely delayed a vote on whether to bestow hero status on a US soldier who allegedly released classified information to WikiLeaks.

Some council members in this famously liberal city said at Tuesday night's meeting that they were concerned about the way the resolution was written and wanted more time to investigate. Others said it was premature to hail Pfc. Bradley Manning as a hero when he has not admitted to being the source of the leaks."My problem with the recommendation as it stands is we're being asked to proclaim somebody a hero who hasn't said he wants to be recognized as a hero, who hasn't said that he did it," said Councilman Kriss Worthington, who added that he did consider a hero whoever was responsible for the leaks.

"I think this should come back to us if he actually says that he did it."

Manning has gained support from groups on the anti-war left who believe the soldier performed a valuable public service. Some politicians and veterans' groups have labeled the soldier's alleged release of classified information an act of treason.

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