Cabinet approves Trajtenberg C'tee report

October 9, 2011 16:56

The cabinet handily passed the Trajtenberg Committee report on Sunday, a week after Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu stepped back from bringing the report to a vote because he did not have a cabinet majority.

The far-reaching recommendations on socioeconomic change prompted by the summer's massive protests passed by a 21 – 8 vote, with the five Israel Beiteinu ministers joining force with most of the Likud ministers to vote in favor of the recommendations.

Those who voted against were the four Shas ministers, two of the four Atzmaut ministers - Ehud Barak and Matan Vilna'I - and Likud Ministers Silvan Shalom and Yossi Peled.

In the week since the cabinet first discussed the NIS 30 billion plan, Netanyahu managed to win over Israeli Beiteinu and Likud minister Moshe Kahalon, providing him with a comfortable margin of victory.

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