Canada's Trudeau pledges additional $42m to nuclear security

April 2, 2016 04:19

Canada will commit an additional $42 million over the next two years to improve global nuclear and radiological security. Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau made the announcement at the end of a nuclear summit held in Washington, D.C., on Friday.

"These funds will be used to, for example, combat illicit trafficking through strengthening national capacities in the Americas and the Middle East, improve physical security at nuclear facilities, promote safe management and disposal of disused radioactive sources in countries and regions with identified needs, primarily in the Americas, and to support the International Atomic Energy Agency's nuclear security fund," Trudeau said.

He also urged leaders at the summit to step up intelligence-sharing efforts to prevent terror strikes and keep lethal materials from falling in the wrong hands.

The recent deadly militant attacks in Brussels have fueled concern that Islamic State could eventually target nuclear plants and develop radioactive "dirty bombs" .

Despite significant progress by US President Barack Obama in persuading dozens of countries to rid themselves of bomb-making materials or reduce and safeguard stockpiles, much of the world's plutonium and enriched uranium remains vulnerable to theft.

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