Congress kills US regulation on coal mining waste

February 2, 2017 22:35

WASHINGTON - The US Senate voted on Thursday to repeal a regulation aimed at cutting water pollution from coal-mining waste, in the first successful use of a law known as the Congressional Review Act in more than 15 years.

In a vote of 54 to 45, the Senate approved a resolution already passed in the House of Representatives on Wednesday to kill the rule intended to keep water sources in areas of mountaintop removal coal mining clear of waste. The resolution now goes to President Donald Trump, who is expected to sign it quickly.

Republicans, who control both chambers of Congress and the White House, are currently attacking regulations they consider abusive and straining on the national economy. They considered the "Stream Protection Rule" an assault on coal-related jobs that usurped state rights and also gave too much power to federal bureaucrats who are not accountable to voters.

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