Counterfeit ‘growth hormone’ seized in Dimona lab

July 7, 2015 18:15

Supplies of growth hormone meant to make children grow taller in a Dimona lab was found by the Health Ministry on Tuesday to be “counterfeit.” In a raid by Israel Police and ministry inspectors, the lab was suspected of manufacturing and marketing anabolic steroids even though the packages were labeled as having Norditropin growth hormone, made by the Danish company NovoNordisk , batch number DC 70075, with expiry date given as 6/2015.

The police are investigating. The “counterfeit” packages were very similar to the official growth hormone product, except that the original the expiry date was 5/2015. Growth hormone is given to unusually short children or those with Turner’s syndrome and adults who suffered from a growth or other disease in their thyroid gland when they were children.

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