Moldova's Filip government announces transfer of Embassy to Jerusalem

The Filip Government adopted as well the Agreement to sell the land plot for the construction of a new US Embassy compound.

Jerusalem Day 2019. (photo credit: MARC ISRAEL SELLEM)
Jerusalem Day 2019.
(photo credit: MARC ISRAEL SELLEM)
The Moldovan Filip Government approved the transfer of the Moldovan embassy in Israel from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem on Tuesday.
Moreover, the Cabinet of Ministers adopted a decision that approves the agreement on the sale of the land for the construction of the headquarters of the US Embassy in Moldova.
The Filip Government also adopted the agreement to sell the land plot for the construction of a new US Embassy compound.
“We are in a situation in which we have to approve these decisions in an urgent manner, given the political instability and uncertainty in the country, as one of the political parties has been always blocking these two important decisions while trying to take over the power illegally”, mentioned Prime Minister Pavel Filip.
Both decisions have been assumed by the Government of the Republic of Moldova, which ensured that these are not blocked for a long term due to the political crisis in the country.
Two rival Moldovan governments held simultaneous cabinet meetings and accused each other of trying to usurp power on Monday, deepening a crisis brought on by an inconclusive parliamentary election in February.
Over the weekend, the leaders of the pro-European Union ACUM bloc and the Russian-backed Socialist Party agreed to form a government aimed at fighting corruption and keeping a party run by tycoon Vladimir Plahotniuc out of power.
But Plahotniuc's Democratic Party refused to recognize the new government and insisted that Pavel Filip, the prime minister who led the government until the election, was still in charge.
The crisis threatens more instability in one of Europe's smallest and poorest countries, where the West and Russia vie for influence.