Home Front Command: Restraining order against Silwan man

December 2, 2010 19:40

Home Front Command served a Silwan resident with a restraining order that forces him to leave Jerusalem for four months, the Post learned on Thursday. Silwan resident Adnan Geith, 35, was arrested seven times in the past two months for clashing with security forces before he received the order to temporarily leave Jerusalem on November 25.

East Jerusalem Arab residents are often served with restraining orders by the police as part of the interrogation process, that requires them to stay away from their home neighborhood for a temporary period. But Geith’s restraining order is unique because he must leave the entire city, not just move to another neighborhood as most restraining orders require.Also, Geith’s restraining order was served by the Home Front Command, which usually does not deal with restraining orders inside Israeli territory. In the West Bank, restraining orders served by the army are issued against Arab residents, and infrequently Jewish settlers, when an individual is being investigated about a violent incident. The army is responsible for the restraining orders in the West Bank because it is the highest authority in the area.

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