Livni at Bar convention: Equality is a value, not political

May 29, 2013 20:21

Justice Minister Tzipi Livni, speaking at an Israel Bar Association convention in Eilat on Wednesday commented on the recommendations of the Peri Committee to equalize the state burden, stressing the importance of all members of society to serve in the IDF. 

"Equality is a value and not a political product that changes from time to time based on the components of the coalition and which sectors are in it," Livni said.  Livni called on the legal professionals at the convention to investigate the legality of the Peri committee recommendations that called for national religious Hesder yeshivot inductees to serve for 17 months and for haredi inductees to serve for longer. 

"Not only Asher and Chaim need to serve [common haredi names] but Nerry and Elkana [common names in the national religious community] also must carry their weight by doing full military service," the Justice Minister said.

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