Qatari-funded fuel arrives in Gaza

January 17, 2017 13:45

Diesel fuel purchased by Qatar has begun to arrive in Gaza, where the added resource is expected to curb an ongoing electricity crisis.

On Monday, an additional 590,000 liters of fuel entering the territory, an amount that will increase to about 600,000 liters daily, according to the Coordinator of Government Activities in the Territories. The first fuel transfer occurred a day after the Qatari government pledged to send $12 million to the Palestinian Authority to purchase the resource, in $4m. installments over three months.In recent weeks, Gazans have suffered severe electricity shortages, with households receiving just three to four hours of electricity daily rather than their typical supply of seven to eight hours.

The electricity crisis had become so critical that over the weekend, thousands of Gazans took to the streets in protest, demanding that the authorities find a solution. Hamas shot bullets into the air at the time, dispersing demonstrators.

The 600,000-liter daily supply will increase the hours of electricity from four to eight, potentially reaching up to 10 hours in the coming days, a statement from COGAT said.

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