Rebbetzin suspected of infant trafficking

 The affair of infant trafficking was revealed yesterday, after the Nazareth Magistrate's Court partially lifted the gag order on the affair, which involved a rebbetzin from the northern region who served as guardian for a mentally ill Haredi girl who was at the time of advanced pregnancy.
Allegedly, the girl, with the assistance of the rebbetzin, was taken abroad and taken to a hiding place. After she gave birth to her baby, he was handed over to a foreign family.The main suspicion now is that the rebbetzin exceeded the "mandate" given to her by the court with regard to her guardianship, by smuggling her abroad and transferring her baby to strangers. Attorney Yali Shperling, who represents the suspected rabbi, was interviewed Thursday morning at the Army Radio and made it clear that his client denies any connection to the suspicions attributed to her.
"The Haredi girl was problematic. The rebbetzin was trying to help her and rehabilitate her. Bad people, and I say this gently, tried to get her to her nuclear family to take care of her. The rebbetzin, a virtuous and veritable woman, contacted the girl's family in the United States, went with her there, and was with her at birth. It has nothing to do with adoption. In the United States, when there is someone who is mentally hurt, they take the child, she does not know about the adoption, and she has nothing to do with it."
"It has nothing to do with adoption and kidnapping. There was no kidnapping at all. There are things I can not talk about right now. The girl stayed in the US and returned only at a later stage. " Yesterday it was reported that during the investigation it emerged that the adoptive parents were Israeli spouses from a well-to-do family, and the police believe that the rebbetzin reached them via intermediaries. The police and the State Prosecutor's Office are still examining whether the case is being transferred to the criminal field, and this is also why in the last two years the affair was under a gag order. 
"Over the years, my office has represented cases of child abduction and are being transferred from their mother's womb by an organized and cruel minority that is not in the process of being adopted and trained legally, and that the police and the authorities in Israel are well aware of," said Havi Klein, an expert on the rights of minors and their parents who represented the baby's family. "Even if they responded, it was so late that the right of parents and children in the State of Israel to basic security was severely damaged. The criminal minority operates as a state and according to their own laws, and I call upon all those harmed to gather forces and not to surrender. The good of your child is heard and seen even if a difficult legal battle is required. A child belongs to his parents and not to any foreign body, and any procedure for transferring a minor from his parents must pass through the court, lawfully. "
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