Shas attempts to pass new bill: Forbid joint prayer at the Western Wall

December 13, 2016 07:40

The ultra-Orthodox party asks to forbid men and women from praying side by side at the Western Wall.

This bill has sparked a big controversy, stating that religious customs such as reading the Torah, wearing a prayer shawl, laying phylacteries or blowing the shofar will be strictly prohibited at the ladies' section of the kotel. The bill suggested that the punishment for whoever breaks the law would be six months of imprisonment or the payment of a fine of 10,000 NIS.

Shas added an illustrative map to their bill in which they redefined the kotel area, taking out the special area that the government instructed to allot to non-Orthodox religious sectors.

They explained their map as follows: "The area of the square that is marked on the map includes the prayer square of the Western Wall and any other area that will be defined in the future by the minister of religious services and as they chief rabbis in Israel will see fit."

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