Travelers, especially pregnant women, warned of mosquito danger

January 1, 2016 03:11

People – especially pregnant women – traveling to South and Central America, Africa, Southeast Asia and the Pacific Islands should take precautions to avoid getting mosquito bites, the Health Ministry recommended on Thursday.

An obscure disorder called Zika virus disease, transmitted by mosquitoes, has appeared in some of the countries in these regions. It is expressed by fever, rash, joint pain and redness in the eyes Strategies to avoid being bitten include wearing longsleeved clothing, sleeping under mosquito nets, being in rooms with screens and applying mosquito repellent.

The ministry said the disease can cause severe neurological complications such as the Guillain– Barré syndrome. Infection during pregnancy could also cause serious neurological defects to the unborn child, such as microcephaly, abnormal smallness of the head associated with incomplete brain development.

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