US is protecting former Iranian embassy building in DC

January 12, 2011 12:50

The US State Department on Wednesday said that the building which housed the former Iranian Embassy in Washington is being maintained in respect of international obligations.

In a question submitted to the State Department that asked what is happening with the building and if there's been any use made of it since its closure, the office of the spokesman said in a statement: "After the State Department took custody of Iran’s properties in Washington, we informed Iran’s protecting power that we were undertaking measures to respect and protect the properties in furtherance of international obligations.  In so doing, we are providing essential maintenance and repairs to the properties."The statement added: "The Department of State has served as the custodian for the former Iranian chancery – and other Iranian diplomatic and consular properties in the United States – since the break in diplomatic relations in 1980. The Department of State is not using taxpayer money for the work but rather funds obtained from renting some of the other Iranian properties." 

The spokesman said the chancery was occupied by the State Department at various times.

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