Israeli start-up develops the future of beer

Israeli-developed smart glass taps into beer drinker's data.

Smart glass taps into beer drinker's data
The future of beer drinking is here, thanks to a team of Israeli entrepreneurs.
In the age of information, it appears now that even one's beverage-consuming habits is privy to instantaneous personal data collection.
Developed by Israeli start-up Glassify, an embedded microchip in the base of a beverage glass can link to a smartphone app and send data back to beverage companies, while offering consumers product promotions in return.
Glassify says they could produce their hi-tech glasses for almost the same price as a regular one.
And if the customers will tell them their age, gender and preferences in return for one on the house - it could give the industry some invaluable data.
"It benefits everybody in that case. The consumer gets the content and promotions that he cares about and at the same time the brewery and the bar are able to target consumers based on the things they like, which attracts them to come to the bar more," says Glassify CEO Ben Biron.
Glassify envisions a revolution in glassware worldwide where smart glasses become a commodity similar to smartphones.
The first batch is due to reach the market in North America and Europe in the first quarter of 2017.