Gallery: Nakba Protests erupt across country

In Issawiya neighborhood of east Jerusalem, riot police save two children after Molotov cocktail sets apartment ablaze.

Riot police and border patrolmen forcibly dispersed an illegal Nakba Day protest held outside Baram Forest in the north, arresting six participants.
The protest was made up of around 100 mainly young people from Haifa, Jerusalem, Nazareth, and Beersheva. They came in 6 busloads Sunday morning in an attempt to reach the Israel-Lebanon border, where they would try to make some sort of contact with the thousands of Palestinian and Lebanese protesters who had marched to the fence in south Lebanon.
The streets of the east Jerusalem neighborhood of Issawiya were strewn with rubble and smoldering trash on Sunday, in the fiercest demonstrations in east Jerusalem for Nakba Day. Dozens of youth darted between the buildings and used dumpsters for shields as they threw rocks at police forces moving up and down the steep main street of the neighborhood.
At one point on Sunday afternoon, police forces rescued a woman and her two children, when a Molotov cocktail thrown at the police forces missed and went into a ground floor apartment, setting it ablaze.
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The woman came out of the apartment in hysterics, and policemen entered the building and were able to rescue the woman's three-year-old daughter and her months-old baby, neither of whom were not injured. Security forces used a fire extinguishing vehicle and succeeded in putting out the blaze in the course of a few minutes.