US sees wider recognition of need for Mideast talks

Secretary of State Hillary Clinton: growing perception among Israel, Palestinians that dispute can only be resolved via negotiations.

clinton abbas 311 (photo credit: Associated Press)
clinton abbas 311
(photo credit: Associated Press)
SAN FRANCISCO - There is a growing perception among Israel and the Palestinians that their dispute can only be resolved via negotiations and will not be settled by Palestinian moves to seek recognition at the United Nations, US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton said on Thursday.
"I cannot give you the odds on how successful our entire effort will be but I think there is certainly a growing recognition among not only the parties and the region -- but beyond, that there is no real answer to all of these concerns that we share other than negotiations on the tough issues like borders, like security, and other matters that can only be resolved (via negotiations) and will not be resolved if some other route is taken at the United Nations," Clinton said.
Palestinians say not yet decided on UN course of action
Speaking at a news conference with the US and Australian foreign and defense ministers, Clinton declined to provide details on efforts by US and EU officials as well as former British Prime Minister Tony Blair to try to get the two sides back into talks and to avert a UN showdown next week.

The Palestinians have said they plan to seek full membership at the United Nations - a step sure to fail because the United States has threatened to veto it. Israeli and US officials argue that the conflict will only be resolved through revived talks and that the Palestinian UN bid will make that more difficult.