Crocodile tears over Gaza violence

Israel has been left with no option but to retaliate after Hamas made it amply clear by its behavior that it had no genuine intention of returning to the cease-fire of 2012.

August 18, 2014 15:54
3 minute read.

Hamas operatives in Gaza.. (photo credit: REUTERS)

Ordinary mortals like me must have been deeply disturbed at the loss of innocent lives in the Gaza Strip and Israel in the temporarily halted Israeli strike on terrorist Hamas infrastructure. I, however, wonder if those who matter in world politics today have ever cared at all. Contemporary history shows they are just shedding crocodile tears over the reports of recent deaths and destruction in the region. They have, as a matter of fact, conveniently ignored what Hamas, the root cause of the present conflict, has been preaching and practicing around ever since it came to control the Gaza Strip in 2007.

Hamas remains ever committed to its charter to destroy the entire Jewish state. Its doctrine of the muqawama (“resistance”) – fighting together with other Islamist politico-military outfits to destroy Israel—is intact. Deriving its sustenance from this fanatic ideology, Hamas has been firing rockets on the civilian population, Jewish and Muslim and others alike, in Israel. Middle East expert Eado Hecht finds that since 2007 Hamas has built a maze of underground concrete bunkers and tunnels underneath the residential areas of Gaza .


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