Israel's core challenge - staying alive in an age of enemy 'martyrdom'

Whether in Gaza, the West Bank, or Tehran, Israel's Jihadist enemies wish to kill Jews because every such homicide is felt to be a sacred obligation.

June 24, 2015 14:47
Iranian military drill

Missile fired from warship during Iranian naval drill [file]. (photo credit: REUTERS)

For Israel, in at least one overriding sense, there is nothing new under the sun. At the most meaningfully basic or "molecular" levels, this means that utterly core sources of anti-Israel ideology remain what they have always been. To be sure, the particular or specific Arab and Islamic antagonists are more-or-less continually in flux. Nonetheless, their individual and cumulative orientations to Israel are largely fixed and unchanging.

Even now, open threats of "liquidation" against Israel are unremarkable. Significantly, especially in view of current international legal standards, Israel’s enemies have never felt any apparent need for subterfuge, camouflage, or concealment. In all likelihood, if not for Israel’s bomb in the basement, the Jewish State's unacknowledged military nuclear force, expressly genocidal enemy threats would already have inflicted far greater harms.


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