The virtues of isolation

Israel's most eloquent defenders and harshest critics share one fundamental belief about the country: the Jewish nation is unlike any other.

September 3, 2014 17:40
2 minute read.
Hamas militants

Hamas militants. (photo credit: REUTERS)

By accepting a ceasefire with Hamas, Israel's leaders have revoked Israeli citizens' inalienable right to live free within secure borders. Choosing shame over victory, the government in Jerusalem has allowed the terrorist group ruling Gaza to dictate the timing and terms of the twelfth cease-fire agreement in less than two months.

This sad state of affairs is the result of Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu's acceptance of the inevitability of Hamas rule over Gaza. In response, the Israeli electorate is rapidly abandoning their elected leader: from a high of 82 percent, Netanyahu's approval rating has plummeted to 38 percent in less than a month.


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