Where I was

President’s Kennedy death affected me both directly and indirectly.

November 23, 2013 09:53
2 minute read.
US President John Kennedy and his wife in Dallas

US President John Kennedy and his wife in Dallas 370. (photo credit: REUTERS)

Shortly after I began working as a law clerk for Justice Goldberg I was in his secretary’s office while she was talking on the phone to her husband, who was an officer in the US Armed Forces. He had something to do with communications, because he told her that shots had been fired in Dallas.

We turned on a small television set that had been in my cubicle ever since I had brought it from home to watch the World Series a couple of months earlier. Nothing was yet on the news. A few minutes later everyone in the world knew that President Kennedy had been shot. It was a Friday and the justices were in their weekly conference, which no one else was allowed to attend.


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