The Weekly Schmooze: Weiner puns galore

Jewish culture news worldwide: Mel Brooks and Matza documentaries; Lonely Island misuses semicolons.

The Weekly Schmooze 300 (photo credit: staff)
The Weekly Schmooze 300
(photo credit: staff)
The latest installation in the "American Masters" PBS documentary series focused on Jewish comedian extraordinaire Mel Brooks, so there has been plenty of Mel to go around this week.   
Brooks spoke to NPR about being an EGOT – the rare group of Emmy, Grammy, Oscar and Tony winners - and more. JTA's Ami Eden put together a list of the most "Jewy" scenes in Brooks' movies, and while The Schmooze respectfully disagrees with his assessment of Robin Hood: Men in Tights (How could you dislike something with Dave Chapelle in it?) there are plenty of moments we can all agree are funny. 
For example, this clip from Spaceballs on what happens if you mess with a Druish Princess' hair: 
The Streit's Matza Factory has been pumping out matzas on the Lower East Side for 88 years, and is one of the last factories to remain in New York. Now, the factory and family business will be the topic of a new documentary – if Michael Levine and Michael Green's kickstarter succeeds. So far, they've made more than half of the $60,000 they need.   
Still in New York, Anthony Weiner is running for mayor. Normally, The Schmooze is not the place for politics, but this is an exception. There are so many possible puns! Heeb Magazine has a few gems in anticipation of the mayoral race, like "Lesbians back Quinn, but will gays prefer Weiner?" and "After premature excitement, Weiner droops." Candidate Adolfo Carrion Jr. referred to Weiner "penetrating the field," and a pun-loving New York Post featured the headline "Hold the Sausage."
It's going to be an entertaining race. 
The Lonely Island is continuing with "Wack Wednesdays," releasing new songs each week. This time, the made a lyric video; the text-filled clip clip deals with a topic dear to many grammar nerds' hearts: Semicolons. It soon becomes clear that the band has no idea how to use the much-maligned punctuation mark; their grammar teacher, voiced by Maya Rudolph, gives them an F.
In movie news, everyone's favorite black and Jewish rapper, Drake, is making a cameo in the upcoming Anchorman 2. He was spotted on the film's set with a big afro, long side burns, a leather jacket and a dragon t-shirt. As Ron Burgundy, the film's main character played by Will Ferrell, would say: Stay classy!
The first feature film based on a book by teen-lit icon Judy Blume, Tiger Eyes, is coming out next week in the US, and entertainment blog Vulture put out a comprehensive infographic about her life, her books and the many outrages they caused. Check it out!
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