Weekly Schmooze: What a 'gever-gever' smells like

Jewish culture news worldwide: Jewish Game of Thrones; Moshe Dayan meets Mad Men.

June 13, 2013 17:49
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Old Spice, "Israeli men"

Old Spice guy. (photo credit: Youtube screenshot)

"The Man Your Man Can Smell Like," aka Isaiah Mustafah is back with a message for the Israeli "gever-gever" (manly man). In a new commercial, which spins off his famous Old Spice ad, he encourages men who eat shwarma and gefilte fish and play matkot and taki to use the deodorant brand's body spray:

Man of Steel is coming out this weekend in the US, and The Forward has a list of 10 ways Superman is Jewish. And no, it's not because Israeli actress Ayelet Zurrer plays his mom.

Cast member Henry Cavill arrives for the world premiere of the film

Mad Men fans who paid close attention to this week's episode, "Favors," may have noticed a surprise Israeli guest. Well, sort of. Moshe Dayan's smiling face appeared on a poster over character Stan Rizzo's bed. Mad Men showrunner Matthew Weiner is not the kind of person who would choose a setpiece accidentally, so Dayan's appearance must mean something, but it's unclear what it could be.
Moshe Dayan

Meanwhile, the Internet is still abuzz about the Red Wedding on Game of Thrones. If you're a fan of the show, check out Game of Cohens, a parody book by Lewis Grossberger. Grossberger interviewed himself for Heeb on why the TV and book series is "ripe for Semitic satire."

In sports news, Sara Abraham, an immigrant from India living in Kiryat Arba, won the 16-19 year old Muay Thai Kickboxing world championship. Abraham is orthodox, but is determined not to let her religious status limit her. JN1 interviewed the 18-year-old high school student:

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