In rare tragedy, man dies of snakebite on Kinneret beach

Paramedics on the scene fail in attempts to resuscitate snake-bitten man; family unable to describe snake to medics.

June 22, 2013 21:12
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viper, snake, cobra_311. (photo credit: Kaplan Medical Center)

A 50-year-old man vacationing at Lake Kinneret was bitten by a poisonous snake and died on Friday night, Magen David Adom announced. The rare tragedy occurred near the Hukkok Beach.

MDA said that hot weather causes snakes and scorpions to come out of hiding. It was alerted at 9 p.m. and sent an ambulance team headed by paramedic Taleb Abdullah, senior medic Ariel Krieger and five others.

The central Israel resident collapsed after being bitten on his hand, said family members, who were not able to photograph the snake or say what type it was. The team performed advanced resuscitation but were unable to save him.

Krieger said the location was an undeclared beach and that access to the place – which was full of rocks and weeds, was difficult. It was also completely dark. As the MDA team couldn’t see around them, they feared that the snake would return.

MDA reiterated its advice regarding snakes and scorpions: Wear high boots if you have to go into areas with high grasses and rocks.

Do not move any rocks because the creatures may be hiding underneath or behind them. Near homes, cut grass and remove stones and other large objects.

If someone is bitten, lie him down and do not allow the victim to move. Call MDA at 101. Do not suck the venom out or cut the skin.

Do not give the victim alcohol. Do not cool the bitten area. Photograph the pattern on the snake’s back or even draw it. Do not try to catch it.

In the event of a scorpion bite, of which there are 21 kinds dangerous to humans, keep the limb stationary and call MDA. Follow instructions until the team arrive. Calm the victim down.

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