The ups and downs of government

The Museum on the Seam’s latest exhibition explores leadership and how it impacts our daily lives.

July 31, 2014 12:45

‘Piss Be Upon Us’ by Ramin Haerizadeh.. (photo credit: GALERIE NATHALIE OBADIA)

At best, political and other leaders are objects of across-the-board admiration; at worst, they are objects of derision. A new exhibition at the capital’s Museum on the Seam, called “And the Trees Went Forth to Seek a King,” addresses the wide range of views of the powers-that-be, with works by artists from a diverse spectrum of social and political backgrounds.

There are contributions from Spain and Iran, Scotland and Russia, Israel and Uzbekistan, each offering its own angle on leadership and how it impacts our daily lives. While some may look up to their leaders with a respect bordering on awe, and others may use them for target practice, curator Rafie Etgar says the inspiration for the exhibition came from the ground level.


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