Calling all Jerusalem folkies

“We’ve had quite a few people from abroad come to play at the club,” notes Philippa Bacal, who has, basically, served as chief cook and bottle washer of the folkie enterprise for the past nine years.

October 30, 2019 17:12

AYALA CIDERMAN. (photo credit: Courtesy)

Anyone who has ever been to the Jacob’s Ladder Festival will know that there is an abundance of folk musicians around these parts. There are the Anglos themselves, or the progeny thereof, and an increasing number of Israeli-born players who simply dig American and British pop, folk, blues and suchlike.

 Jerusalem Folk Music Evenings are occasionally the beneficiary of the Galilee-based event, when top musicians from abroad come over, predominantly to play at Jacob’s Ladder, but also make the most of their trip to the Middle East by fitting in dates elsewhere around the country, including at the club.


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