Grapevine: A palace in Mamilla

Israel receives its first ever Waldorf Astoria, Shimon Peres attends the premier of 'The Dove Flyer' and a new exhibition is showing at the Bible Lands Museum.

April 3, 2014 11:54
The Waldorf Astoria under construction.

The Waldorf Astoria under construction.. (photo credit: Courtesy)

- TEMPORARILY BACK on home turf, Oded Lifschitz, area vice president for UK and Israel, Hilton Worldwide, arrived in Jerusalem last week from his office in London, to witness the affixing of the mezuza at the entrance to Israel’s first Waldorf Astoria.

A preservation and construction project, its stands on the site of the former Palace Hotel, which when it opened for business in 1929 was Jerusalem’s first luxury hotel. Construction began in 1928 with a team of 500 workers, who completed what was then a 145-room, four-story structure in just under a year. Forty-five rooms had private bathrooms, which in those days was the height of luxury.


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