Fun in the park

“Observing the modes of behavior in the park, a stronghold of national festivities, led me to pinpoint ceremonious and ritual aspects that are embedded in public leisure-time routines.”

July 21, 2016 14:36
Tohar Lev Jacobson

Filmmaker Tohar Lev Jacobson presents a microcosm of the haredi community’s leisure time activities. (photo credit: Courtesy)

Tohar Lev Jacobson has, at least in nominal terms, a lot going for him. His given names translate as “purity of the heart” and, in fact, the bearded young graduating student of the Naggar School of Art in Musrara comes across as an almost innocent character.

That probably came into beneficial play when Jacobson made his way to Sacher Park for the initial foray on his protracted fieldwork, which eventually culminated in a video work entitled Esh Tukad (“A Fire Will Burn”), referencing a poem by 11th-century Spanish poet and philosopher Rabbi Abraham Ben Meir ibn Ezra. Esh Tukad is Jacobson’s contribution to the fascinating exhibition by the art school’s graduates, whose works take in a wide stretch of disciplines and sensibilities.


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