IsraelB –bringing Israel to your doorstep

IsraelB is an online community that seeks to create a connection between people as well as an index of events happening in Israel and in the wider Jewish world.

April 20, 2017 20:30
2 minute read.

Benjy Singer (standing) leads an IsraelB workshop on using social media to promote your business online. (photo credit: SHARON MARKS ALTSHUL)

These days there is so much information online that it is hard to follow it all, and the same is no less true when it comes to information about social events and news in Israel and the Jewish world.

IsraelB (Turning Israel into your Bayit) is an online community that uses a website and social media platforms, including Facebook and Twitter, to inform Jews in Israel and international Jewish communities of events occurring in Israel and the wider Jewish world. IsraelB was started by English-born Jerusalem resident Benjy Singer in March 2014. It started as a Facebook page but over time expanded to a website, a newsletter, eight Facebook groups and a Twitter account.


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