The elusive search for the Ark of the Covenant

I have to confess that my sleep suffered as I switched between the book and the Internet, not willing to give up on a particularly intriguing fact and go to bed.

February 21, 2018 17:06
4 minute read.
The covered ark and seven priests with rams' horns, at the Battle of Jericho, in an eighteenth-centu

The covered ark and seven priests with rams' horns, at the Battle of Jericho, in an eighteenth-century artist's depiction. (photo credit: Wikimedia Commons)

“THE A.R.K. Report,” with A.R.K. standing for Archeology – Reveals – Kingdom of Israel, deals with the mysterious location of the Ark of the Covenant. In a disclaimer at the beginning of the book, author Harry H. Moskoff says, “No person can claim to know for certain where the biblical Ark of the Covenant lies. The precise location of this secret chamber will remain hidden until it is Divinely decreed to be revealed by means of Elijah the Prophet.” Of course, he does present us with a chapter called “The Moskoff Theory.” But when Moskoff was asked if, given the chance, he would enter the tunnels to locate the Ark, his answer was a resounding no! As Moskoff writes in his disclaimer, the contents of the book and the theories presented are strictly academic in nature.

It took me much longer than I thought it would to finish reading this book. This was not because the book was heavy or boring; on the contrary. This comparatively slim book punches far above its weight in interest and information. The book encompasses religion of course, but also politics, biblical and political history, ideology, opinions and even a dash of science and physics.


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