The Israeli-American producer who brings Russian ballet to US children

Akiva Talmi, who went to school in Kfat Blum in the upper Gall before moving to the US, had been bringing Russian culture to the US since 1992.

Moscow Ballet's Great Russian Nutcracker 2017 (YouTube/Moscow Ballet)
The Moscow Ballet is highly regarded around the world for its outstanding rigor and high level of classical ballet performances, celebrated in such classical performances as “The Nutcracker.”
The Russian dancers will once again tour the US this year, this time incorporating American children into the act in such minor roles as mice.
However, the man behind this unique inter-cultural dialog is the little known Akiva Talmi, who can boast over two decades of bringing Russians and Americans together to dance as well as to talk and get to know one another.
The mission of bringing Russian ballet to American audiences emerged from the Glasnot festival that Talmai produced in the 1980’s when the USSR began to change its’ attitude to Western and US relations. 

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