UK rioters to be tried for demonstration during Cast Lead

UK rioters to be tried f

October 28, 2009 23:02

LONDON - Following protests here during Operation Cast Lead, police said that 63 people face prosecution over alleged offenses. The demonstrations took place outside the Israeli embassy in west London in January and ended in attacks on police officers and the vandalism of stores. One person has been charged with actually causing bodily harm, one with handling stolen goods and others on violent disorder charges, public order and violence charges. Those arrested come from London, West Yorkshire and Surrey and are aged between 12 and 38. Police said that in a demonstration on January 3, around 2,000 people split from a lawful march and ended up at the Israeli Embassy in Kensington, where barriers were broken up and thrown at police. The police are still seeking 17 people in connection with incidents that occurred during the march. At another demonstration, a group tried to breach a secure gate near the embassy and police officers came under attack with metal barriers, sticks and stones thrown. A Starbucks coffee store was also looted and items, including coffee mugs, thrown at police. All are due to appear at West London Magistrate's Court on Thursday and Friday of this week

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