Venezuela: Leading Chavez adversary takes refuge

April 1, 2009 05:36

A leading opponent of President Hugo Chavez has taken refuge somewhere in the city of Maracaibo because he fears for his safety, the leader of his party said Tuesday. Prosecutors are seeking to try Maracaibo Mayor Manuel Rosales on a corruption charge. Rosales calls it an attempt by Chavez to eliminate him from politics. "He's not going to turn himself in without the possibility of a fair trail," said Omar Barboza, who heads the opposition party. He said Rosales has been followed, harassed and threatened, and the party wants "to protect Rosales' life." "He's in a Maracaibo, in a safe place. But of course he's not going to turn himself in to that pack that's chasing him, unless there's the possibility of a fair trail," Barboza told reporters.

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