Which Backstreet Boy is Jewish?

Ain't nothing but some DNA...

August 29, 2019 15:56
The Backstreet Boys in concert, Rishon LeZion, April 22, 2018.

The Backstreet Boys in concert, Rishon LeZion, April 22, 2018.. (photo credit: ORIT PNINI)

Members of the American 90's boy-band Backstreet Boys took a genetic test by Israeli startup company MyHeritage and filmed themselves on their Facebook page receiving the results.

Howie Dorough revealed that he is 43.3% Iberian; 30.1% Scandinavian; 9.3% African; 7.7% Irish, Scottish and Welsh; 5% Central and South American; 1.2% Middle Eastern; 1.2% Native American and 1% Balkan.

Nick Carter discovered that he is 62.6% North and West European, 11.7% Scandinavian, 9.7% Balkan, 9.3% Italian, 5.8% Iberian, and 0.9% Middle Eastern.

Brian Littrell found out that he is 70.1% Irish, Scottish and Welsh, 20.7% English, 7.1% Finnish, and 2.1% Scandinavian.

Kevin Scott Richardson discovered that he is 44.1% English, 36.2% North and West European, and 19.7% Irish, Scottish and Welsh.

Finally, A.J. McLean surprisingly revealed that he is 6.8% Ashkenazi Jewish, on top of 39.8% Iberian, 19.5% East European, and 8.3% Nigerian, among others.

"Thanks to MyHeritage, I finally get to know what makes me who I am," McLean said excitedly at the end of the clip.

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