White Nationalists of the world congratulate President-elect Trump

From Greece to South Africa, global Neo-Nazi groups send well-wishes to the new American president.

German Neo-nazi (photo credit: REUTERS)
German Neo-nazi
(photo credit: REUTERS)
White Nationalist leaders across the globe have been congratulating Donald Trump since his victory in Tuesday's United States presidential elections.
In the US, former KKK leader David Duke claimed at least partial credit for Trump's election, tweeting "This is one of the most exciting nights of my life... make no mistake about it, our people have played a HUGE role in electing Trump! "
In the Netherlands, Geert Wilders, a politician on trial for promising to make sure that his nation has fewer Moroccans, wrote Wednesday on Twitter: “Congratulations, @realDonaldTrump !! A historic victory, a revolution! We, too, will give back our country to Dutchmen!”
The Greek neo-Nazi Golden Dawn party also celebrated Trump’s victory with a special video message by Ilias Kasidiaris, a lawmaker and party spokesman, calling it “a major global change” that he said “will continue with the victory of nationalists in Austria, of Marine Le Pen in France, and the Golden Dawn in Greece.”
Thursday, BuzzFeed News reported that the leader of  the Afrikaner Resistance Movement (AWB), a neo-Nazi movement that aims to create a whites-only republic in South Africa, sent Donald Trump their congratulations:
“On behalf of tens of thousands of members of the AWB, as a white resistance movement against suppression of white people in South Africa, we want to congratulate you... Thank you for your … support of the white nation in South Africa. We wish you all the best for the future, and you can rely on our support."
Andrew Anglin of The Daily Stormer, which boasts that is is "The World's #1 Alt-Right and Pro-Genocide Website," wrote on Wednesday, "We won, brothers. All of our work. It has paid off. Our Glorious Leader has ascended to God Emperor... Make no mistake about it: we did this. If it were not for us, it wouldn’t have been possible... the White race is back in the game. And if we’re playing, no one can beat us.The winning is not going to stop... Hail Victory."
Back in July, the leader of the American Nazi Party, Rocky Suhayda, asserted on his radio program in July that he projected that Trump will would the presidency, and that the win would "surprise the enemy." He referred to a Trump presidency as a "real opportunity" for white supremacists.
However, Trump supporters have also spoken and acted out against such groups. In October, a group of Trump supporters shut down a self-confirmed neo-Nazi at a rally for the candidate In Nevada.  Dozens of people at the campaign event in the city of Reno reportedly circled around the man and attempted to shout him down after he had brandished signs with slogans referring to Holocaust denial, Nazi symbolism and white supremacy. Trump security guards eventually escorted the man, identified as 25-year-old Brady Garrett, out of the premises of the event.
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