F-35s set to see operational action in IDF service next month

The sophisticated and mystery shrouded jet is meant to provide the Israeli Air Force with an extra edge during operations in Syria, Lebanon and beyond.

October 30, 2017 06:39
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F-35s set to see operational action in IDF service next month

Israel receives its first F-35 Fighters, Nevatim Air Force Base, Dec. 12, 2016. (photo credit: US EMBASSY)

The Israeli Airforce is pulling no stops as it makes sure that the new F-35 Joint Strike Fighters will be fully integrated and operational  by December of this year. The work is conducted with a keen eye on how to deliver intelligence detected by the jet to the relevant units in the IAF and beyond.

The F-35 is often hailed as a jet that claims to do, and might achieve, the impossible – to take off vertically when there’s no rundown for lift off, to fly undetected by enemy radars and if needed, to subdue any enemy pilot foolish enough to challenge it to a dogfight.

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While the other pilot has to read various screens while sitting in the cockpit the F-35 pilot enjoys a unique augmented reality helmet that allows him or her to see through the entire plane, making split-second decisions and reflexes a little smoother and faster. Which could make all the difference in high-intensity air-combat.
F-35 Adir planes practice mid-air refueling in exercise (IDF SPOKESPERSON'S UNIT)

According to a an analysis by the Begin Sadat Center for Strategic Studies, Israel wishes to deploy the F-35 to gather information on any Hezbollah or Iranian-inspired activity in Lebanon and Syria as well as ensuring other players in the region, friends and foes alike, are aware of the new technological capacities possessed by its’ pilots.

In addition, the F-35 is meant to be highly proficient for long range missions, for example, if Israel would need to gather information on what might be happening in Iran.

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