Chabad parents name baby after Poway shooting victim

Lori - Leah Kaye was murdered by the shooter who attacked the Chabad Center of Poway, CA – now her name lives on with newborn babe.

May 7, 2019 20:37
Chabad parents name baby after Poway shooting victim

Newborn baby. (photo credit: INGIMAGE)

Chaya and Judah Cowen, who own and operate a catering company in Pittsburgh, decided to name their newborn baby-girl after the late Lori - Leah Kaye, Colive reported on Sunday
Kaye, 60, was murdered in a shooting attack on the Chabad synagogue in Poway near San Diego in late April. 
Three people, including the local Rabbi, were injured during the attack. The alleged terrorist John T. Earnest, turned himself in to law authorities. 
“It was an honor for us to name our child after her,” Judah said. “Klal Yisroel [the whole of Israel] really is connected, and to us, Lori really felt like family.”

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