Belief in art

Religious expression in contemporary plastic arts

June 20, 2018 13:21
The Upsherin, Oil on Canvas , Itamar Rubner

The Upsherin, Oil on Canvas , Itamar Rubner. (photo credit: COURTESY THE ARTSHELTERGALLERY)

The ArtShelterGallery was established at 2003 to enable the haredi population to be exposed to art that is appropriate to their ideology.

Its current exhibition, curated by Noa Lea Cohn, is called Haready-made” and engages in commodities consumed by the haredi community, particularly the points of encounter between tradition and conservatism on the one hand, and a contemporary functional approach on the other. Questions are raised like ‘how do you pray in a field?’ ‘How do you talk on the phone when you are pushing a baby carriage with one hand and controlling a crying child with the other?’

This exhibition reveals a bit about what is happening in the Israeli design fringe that reflects a thriving niche culture in a parallel reality and helps make it visible. Additionally, the exhibition reveals an artistic discussion of the dialectic relationship between the haredi community and the modern world and about how traditional societies uniquely adopt changes that are inevitably occurring around them.

The exhibition runs at the Jerusalem Theater at the Henri Crown foyer, second floor until July 7. From 4 p.m. to 10 p.m. with free entrance.

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