Ezer Mizion's charitable bone marrow campaign back in action

Ezer Mizion is running its annual campaign to raise funding for its bone marrow donor registry. To date, nearly 3,000 people have been saved by Ezer Mizion’s registry.

A patient in a hospital receives intravenous (IV) therapy (illustrative) (photo credit: INGIMAGE)
A patient in a hospital receives intravenous (IV) therapy (illustrative)
(photo credit: INGIMAGE)
Ezer Mizion facilitated 346 lifesaving stem cell transplants over the last year. Since the registry was established, 3,000 of these lifesaving transplants have been successfully completed. During the high holiday season in Israel, Ezer Mizion runs a special campaign to increase funding for lab testing new IDF recruits as a part of their army induction.
The registry was established twenty years ago, and in 2005 the IDF joined Ezer Mizion's efforts. This enables every IDF recruit to join the registry as a part of their initial induction. Every year 50,000 recruits join, adding to the approximately 920,000 active members in the registry to date.
The biggest challenge facing Ezer Mizion is financing lab testing for new members of the IDF. With each test costing around 180 NIS (about $50), it brings the annual expense to about 10,000,000 NIS. The current campaign is aimed at covering these costs.
Two-thirds of the transplants carried out by Ezer Mizion are for patients outside of Israel, gaining Ezer Mizion honors in both humanitarian work and international impact across the globe.
“Every time I take part in a first time meeting between a stem cell donor and the patients whose life s/he saved, I am gratified to be privileged for a share in this miracle," Registry director Dr. Bracha Zisser said. "Every person who supports the registry has this privilege too! Ezer Mizion’s registry is an eloquent expression of the Jewish nation’s mutual responsibility which is a basic organizational value at Ezer Mizion.”
You can donate online to Ezer Mizion at https://ezermizionis.org/donate-now.html.
For phone donations in Israel call - *2236. 
To watch Ezer Mizion at AIPAC https://youtu.be/Yi-6KIlak1s