Five great places to hike on Independence Day

Enjoy the scenery, the land and some quality time with loved ones

May 7, 2019 10:24
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Israelis hiking in the North

Israelis hiking in the North. (photo credit: Wikimedia Commons)

Hiking is an Independence Day tradition and a great way to spend quality time with family and friends while exploring the Land of Israel.

The Jerusalem Post looked at five family-friendly hikes across Israel that are enjoyable for children of all ages.

Dor Habonim Beach,
Zichron Ya’acov

Dor Habonim can be explored on a short 2.5-km. walk, which is great for a family with small children. Or if you choose, hike the 8-km. scenic stretch along
Dor Habonim Beach just northwest of Zichron Ya’acov. Both hikes are relatively flat and on sandy terrain throughout. You’ll find a special treat at the end:
A small beach that is great for swimming and collecting seashells.

Dor Habonim (Credit: Wikimedia Commons)

Ein Gedi:
The lower Wadi David hike,
Judean Desert

The lower section of the Wadi David is a beautiful hike and relatively easy for families with young children to enjoy. Beginning from the Wadi David ticket office and heading toward
David’s Waterfall, this is an incredibly green and scenic hike that takes
about an hour to complete.
David’s Waterfall and the pools around it are a perfect place to take a swim and relax in the beautiful atmosphere.
For families that are a little more daring, there is an option to continue on to a second leg of the hike. However, this
is a more difficult hike and takes an additional three to four hours.

Shvil HaMa’ayanot, Jerusalem
Shvil HaMa’ayanot is stunningly scenic 3-km. hike that takes about an hour each way
and makes for a perfect family outing.
The starting point is between Hadassah-University Medical Center in Jerusalem’s
Ein Kerem and Moshav Even Sapir. There’s a
great picnic spot close by a spring
some 15 minutes in.
You can also visit the spring at the
end of your hike, as you will taking
same route back to finish.
Hikers can also stop by the ruins of a Byzantine-era farm close by.

Ein Gedi. (Credit: Wikimedia Commons)

Nahal HaKibbutzim,
near Beit She’an

For more adventurous families looking to get wet, wet, wet, there is Nahal HaKibbutzim, located close to Beit She’an and
the Jezreel Valley.
This is an easy and beautiful hike down the stream that is suitable for all ages. For those not in the mood to hike through the water, a popular option is to bring tubes and float down the stream, which is quite shallow. In the distance is Mount Gilboa and the walk down is beautiful, lush and green. You may spot fish, frogs and even some turtles who might accompany you along the way.

Mevo Hama promenade,
southern Golan Heights

If you want to spend time in nature with the entire family, including children and grandparents, the 2-km. Mevo Hama walk is the perfect option. Mevo Hama is located just a few kilometers from the Sea of the Galilee on the edge of the southern Golan Heights.
The walk is entirely paved and stroller-friendly. It runs along the edge of a cliff side that sits above the Sea of Galilee. It’s flat and easy, with spectacular views and perfect picnicking area by the Ein Shoko Spring.
Always check the weather before going on any trail, as it is dangerous to hike in rainy or stormy weather. Remember also to bring enough water, sunscreen and a hat.

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